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XML error with Nintex Forms List form web part

Question asked by danielr85 on Nov 29, 2018



I am trying to build a site page on my sharepoint site with a few lists on it. The user will select from one list, which will filter and narrow down the results on a second list. Then they will select on the 2nd list and it will open up a Nintex Forms List Form web part which is embedded on the page that is in edit mode, they can edit and save the changes and then select a different record and do the same. 


This was all working last week, I went to try and display it to my boss and it stopped working saying 

"There is an error in XML document (1, 1)." when the user selects a record to display the List Form web part. 


I've tried searching all over and I am not seeing anyone else with these issues. My guess is its something to do with the Nintex form itself. I've tried recreating it and it's still not working. 


Anyone have any ideas? I am not a programmer, just someone that is tasked to move some excel sheets and functionality to sharepoint within my company.


Thank you,