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How to resize input filler control as it grows based on user input

Question asked by egilhansen on Nov 22, 2018
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Hi all,


I have created a custom Nintex Forms control (which inherits from NintexFormControl) and generates a Select2 enabled multi select.


When the user selects items the form control needs more space, but how do I do that?

What is the correct NWF function to call to get all the form controls below to move down and the form itself to resize?


For added context, here is the HTML that is generated:

<div class="nf-form-input nf-section nf-filler-control nf-filler-highlightonvalidationerror nf-resizable nf-resizable">
<div class="nf-filler-control-border">
<div class="nf-filler-control-inner">
<select multiple=""style="display: none" ...>
<span class="select2 select2-container ..." ...>


Update: Here is an example of how it looks when there are too many items selected in the multi select:

In this example, this happens right when the forms is opened in edit mode. So after Select2 finishes rendering og or a new element is selected, I need a way to make nintex forms re-layout the controls. Note, as Chrome shows, even when the content overflows, the controls filler form still has its original size (due to absolute positioning).


Thanks, Egil

Ps. we are using Nintex for SharePoint 2016 with SharePoint 2016.

(Marian Hatala - ive seen you answer similar questions elsewhere, hope you can help here as well.)