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Limited amount of parallel running workflows?!

Question asked by mai-kel on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by mai-kel

I have a somehow critical workflow "Determine technical owners".


This workflow:

  • selects from a large list all work areas that are currently productive
  • Looks into the group Owner by web service
  • and write the people in the master list.


Technically, this is a:

  • The site collection workflow finds all the IDs of the elements from the master list (that is, all workspaces) -> 1; 2; 4; xyz; 452)
  • and starts a list workflow on all these workspaces via web service, which then looks into the groups and finally fills the element.

Everything worked well during the test. In production, however, I get errors here, the workflow always stops after 5-6 minutes (no matter where it stands).
Until then he works correctly. Do you have any idea where to look here?

My first research showed that Nintex can only start 15 workflows at times and the rest are then "put on hold"?

For me, the following questions arise:
• do you know the problem?

  • Do you have any idea how we can fix that quickly?

        o Do you see a way to divide up the mass of the accelerated workflows via Nintex?

  • Do you know the technical regulations that exist here?

        o If yes, are they customizable?



I thank you.