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'Copy to SharePoint' does not work when used in Workflow based on a Workflow Task List

Question asked by gisellevqz on Nov 21, 2018
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I am trying to use 'Copy to SharePoint' action in a Task Workflow List (created from a Flexi Task) to copy the Attachment File (uploaded by the approver in the Flexi Task) to a Library. So I went and create a workflow on the Workflow Task List and in that workflow I included the 'Copy to SharePoint' action. The workflow runs and it is marked as complete with no error, but it does no copy anything. It seems like the 'Copy to SharePoint' just does not work when used in a Workflow Task List.


The reason why I need a 'Copy to SharePoint' action in a Workflow Task List is because 

'Copy to SharePoint' Action copies the attachment file and works as expected when I add the action to the Workflow List (List where the workflow lives, not to be confused with the Workflow Task List resulting from the Flexi Task).


However, if I use the 'Copy to SharePoint' within the (Main) List Workflow, the 'Copy to SharePoint' action copies only the Attachments/Files uploaded in the (Initial) List Form, so if I have other Flexi Tasks or Request Data Actions where the approvers will be uploading attachments, and I add the the 'Copy to SharePoint' action within the (main) List workflow, let's say, just below the Flexi Task or Request Data, the 'Copy to SharePoint' action does not copy those files instead it keeps copying the files uploaded from the (initial) List form. 


Any help?

On why 'Copy to SharePoint' does not seem to work while added in a workflow created for a Workflow Task List?

or how can I use 'Copy to SharePoint' to Copy the files being uploaded in a Flexi Task or Request Data.

I have already review the solutions using Web Call Service and that solution does not work for me as credentials are needed and my credentials change every two months and it is just not efficient to be changing the credentials every so often and IT Department does not approve having a 'Default' User that everyone in the company could use and that does not change credentials.


Any help will be greatly appreciated!