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Hide Panel If the Current User Is Not the Employee nor the Supervisor

Question asked by lltuckercoa on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2018 by lltuckercoa

When using a Nintex Responsive form, I cannot get an OR rule for two conditions to work to hide a panel on a form. It may be because is is a user-based field for both conditions, but that's what I need, and I imagine this is common enough, but I just can't find anything that addresses it.


I would like, when editing the form, that only the form's named person (field is Name - Outlook) can see X panel, or only the form's named Supervisor can see X panel. I am using Item Properties for both Name - Outlook and Supervisor in my rule; however, I do not know if this matters, but Supervisor is a Named Control on the form, but for company-related reasons, the Name - Outlook is not a Named Control on the form. There is an Employee Named Control that is a drop-down list, and the name chosen on that list is tied to the Name - Outlook field, which is not on the form. We have to do that because there isn't always an employee but there is always a supervisor. 


My original formula to hide the panel in question is Current User (Display Name)!=Name - Outlook (Display Name)||Current User (Display Name)!=Supervisor (Display Name), which just ends up hiding the panel from everyone, regardless of who you are.


When I break that out as two separate rules and only have one active at a time, it works. If the Current User (Display Name)!=Name - Outlook (Display Name) is active, then the person who is logged in can see the panel on the form with their name, but the supervisor named on the form cannot see the panel. If the Current User (Display Name)!=Supervisor (Display Name) is the active rule, then the supervisor can see the panel on all the forms with their name on it, but the named employee cannot see that panel.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!