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Workflow designer unable to configure controls

Question asked by on Nov 19, 2018
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I am trying to edit/export an existing workflow in our SharePoint 2013 environment. When I open the workflow in the designer and try to configure any component there is no response on the UI. However, the browser console is flashing these error messages:


MainScript.js??3160:3204 Uncaught ReferenceError: push_GetXmlDoc is not defined
at CreateXmlDoc (MainScript.js??3160:3204)
at GetInheritedEnabledElement (MainScript.js??3160:3290)
at GetInheritedEnabledValue (MainScript.js??3160:3295)
at showActivityMenu (MainScript.js??3160:3512)
at HTMLDivElement.onclick (WorkflowDesigner.aspx?WorkflowID=cd691fe5-a733-4462-93e7-bd21dd8235a5&Category=List&ListId=75799dab-e303-4509-bd1a-95fd5bd6c7e4&Src={75799dab-e303-4509-bd1a-95fd5bd6c7e4}:2906)