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Hide control formula in Forms rule

Question asked by workflows on Nov 18, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by workflows

How can I hide a control based on the below condition ?

Status Of Request =! 'With HR' or Status Of Request =! 'With Marketing'

In other words, hide the control if Status of Request contains the value 'With HR' or contains the value 'With Marketing'


I have found a solution that works correctly using: and(StatusOfRequest=! 'With HR', StatusOfRequest=! 'With Marketing')


Why does a formula like this: =(StatusOfRequest =!"With HR' || StatusOfRequest =! 'With Marketing)  not work ??? (I have tried all types of brackets and did not get the desired result


What do you think about the formula example below:

If(Identity Validated !='Identity validated',False,Status Of Request Package!='With HR - building the package')

In other Words, hiding the control when Identity Validated is not equal to 'Indentity validated' or StatusOfRequestPackage is not equal to 'With HR - building the package'

Is this a recommended way of hiding the control?

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