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Prompt user to re-evaluate a field's value each time a form is opened in edit view.

Question asked by dvowles on Nov 23, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by dvowles

Morning all,



Open to creative suggestions on this one.


We have a checkbox field on a form with certain criteria relating to the record (boxes manually selected by the user which allow us to quickly filter records).


When new information is entered into the notes (edit view), the user should re-evaluate the check boxes to see if any new criteria applies based on the new information entered in the notes, however users are regularly forgetting to update the check boxes.


Management have asked for the form to prompt the user to re-evaluate the check boxes each time the case is opened in edit view (preferably upon clicking save, not immediately as the form opens).


I thought about making the check boxes a required field and clearing the values on edit mode, however if the criteria doesn't change then there will be no way of knowing what was previously selected before it was cleared - so not practical.


Any other suggestions?




Thanks in advance,


Dan V