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Nintex Forms Calculated Field autoconversion to Scientific Notation

Question asked by michaelremus on Nov 26, 2014

Hi Everyone,


I'm doing some string manipulation on a Calculated Field which involves lookup, substring, replace functions with the return value of string. However, whenever the string is of a certain pattern [0-9]+E99 for example:

  • 54E99
  • 41E99
  • 99E99

it gets converted to this notation:

  • 5.4e+100
  • 4.1e+100
  • 9.9e+100


This also happens in Excel btw, but normally, you just prefix string values with ' (single quote) to resolve this in Excel


In Nintex Forms, I'm not having this luck. The 'dirty' solution I have is to attach an extra non-numeric character (ex 54E99 becomes 54E99A), then I do a substring to remove the last character whenever I do some string comparisons. It works, but the problem again happens when I try to save the value to a column. Either I save the value as e+100 notation and run a workflow to remove it, or save the extra character 'A' and truncate it via workflow. This becomes a problem if the list using this column becomes a reference list in other parts of the site.


I'm I missing any tricks here? Please share you thoughts. Thanks.