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Workflow Reminder

Question asked by mpljevljak on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2018 by mpljevljak

We want to create a site Workflow reminder for a Document Library. The Library has a column whith a "due date". We need a workflow which sends an email reminder 2 weeks before the due date hass arrived to the "assigned to" member.

We have already created a list workflow for that library that works with the the pause until workflow item. The problem is that the column "due date" sometimes been changed before the date 2 week ago is arrived. And the workflow send the email although the "due date" it was changed before.

So we need a site workflow that I can control with task schedule.

Bu i have no idea how i can setup a workflow with grabbing the "due date".

Can anybody give a help?


Attached a screenshot of a site workflow we have already created. But the workflow send for all Documents always a email no matter which due date is defined.