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SharePoint 2016 MinRole

Question asked by on Nov 8, 2018

Being the former administrator of a SharePoint 2013 farm, I was happy when Microsoft came out with Mini Roles in SharePoint 2016.  If you are running a medium size farm with multiple servers, Mini Roles were a convenient way of setting the services without having to configure each server.  I am having issues with my servers being Non-Compliant because of the Nintex services.


In particular, some of the new roles that were added




The suggestion I have seen is, if your servers are non-compliant with these roles because of the:


Nintex External Forms Online Service

(this is the service I am having an issue with)


The solution is to set the server role to Custom.  I really do know what to do that.


I have just upgraded to 4.3.3 and was hoping this would be resolved but I have still having an issue when I use the above roles.


Has anyone found a solution to using mini-roles without setting your server to Custom?