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Troubles connecting text field populated by JavaScript to list column

Question asked by mindymac03 on Nov 5, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by mindymac03

I have a textbox that is populated by a Javascript function.  I want to connect that textbox to a column in my list and keep coming up blank. I've tinkered with the datatype in my list column (right now it's a number, but have tried currency and string). I've added a calculated value field whose formula is just the value of the textbox (so I could then connect the calculated value to the list column). I've tried to get something to work using a formatting rule. No dice on any of these. It seems I'm missing something obvious. Why would the list column care if the field is populated by JavaScript? 


My textbox properties:


Snippet of Javascript that populates txtTotalCost: