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Elegant UI for ranged number input?

Question asked by michaela on Nov 4, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by Enrico Knapp

I have a "simple" requirement to allow the user to select between a fixed range of numbers, 0-4, and I'm trying to find an elegant UI for this input because a plain ol' single line of text input just won't do! Sure, I can turn on validation and enforce the min/max values, but this isn't visually communicated to the user.


So, I can do this with a Choice field formatted as either a Drop down list, or, with Option buttons (render as buttons: yes).


Both of these visually communicate a ranged-input, but I was looking for more modern alternatives.


I found some really old posts referring to the use of jQuery UI and that Nintex Forms includes this by default? For example, I tried to use the .spinner() and .slider() methods on an input but it produces an error in the console. Also, if I search in the official help documentation, 0 results are returned on "jQuery", which wasn't promising. So, my questions are as follows:


  1. Is jQuery UI supported out-of-the-box with Nintex forms? If so, how does one go about using it?
  2. Alternatively, has anyone come up with some elegant UI solutions for ranged number inputs?