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Workflow - Create folder structure: Fails with automatic start

Question asked by gunjo70 on Nov 1, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by gunjo70

Good day,


I built a workflow that creates a folder / sub folder structure when creating a new document set or a new folder in a document library.

The workflow works perfectly when starting it manually on the new document set / folder. The requirements is that the workflow should start automatically whenever a new doc set / folder is created. The problem is that whenever I set the workflow to "start when items are created", the workflow creates the Sub Folders in the document library root, instead of in the new folder. It also shows errors on some of the folders (error message attached).


I would think that there is something wrong with my workflow, but the thing is it works perfectly when starting it manually.

I also tried changing the settings on my action set to "Run as Workflow Owner", but I'm still getting the same errors.


Is there a way of duplicating the manual workflow start action to "start when items are created"?