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Workflows Duplicating

Question asked by nderiley on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2018 by nderiley

Good Morning,

BLUF: My workflow are duplicating when I publish them despite having the 'overwrite' selection and the system is randomly choosing whether to run the new or old version.


Background: I have a site collection with 20 or so workflows - a combo of list and site workflows. I went to start updating them because the mailbox in the FROM of all my email notifications needs to be updated. On publish - it does make a new version but it the old version also shows - so it appears as a duplicate.  See in the attached image LCSP Parralell Coord Workflow shows as 12.0 and further down you see it as 10.0.  (that is because I tried to delete the older one at 11.0). You will see AIR Upload at 4.0 near the top and 3.0 near the bottom.  What in the seven hells would cause this?