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Sending multiple line text column to another list

Question asked by lexiefall on Oct 31, 2018



I'm hoping someone give me a hand.


I have a workflow that sends information from a list to a document library to be inserted into a template document.


Single line text fields work fine, but multiple text lines show like:


<div class="ExternalClass2BD5D7C2D28E44D9982D88A91FB5DA81"><p>Potential injury to staff, volunteers and contractors</p></div>


Can someone tell me how to only show the part that I've made red? 



It gets even messier when the text has been entered on multiple lines or using dot points. Is there a way to show the information in the 2nd list as dot points?


<div class="ExternalClass6A9737D19061434781B4F5AD15D68A4D"><ul><li>Lack of training</li><li>Inadequate induction</li><li>Unsuitable systems</li><li>Inadequate resources</li><li>Lack of understanding about roles and responsibilities</li><li>Not qualified</li><li>Not fit for duty</li><li>Poor due diligence</li><li>Diversity of staff</li><li>Reactive training</li><li>Inadequate Shared Services Support</li><li>Competing priorities</li></ul></div>