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Retrieve data separated by semicolon in a list lookup

Question asked by woodkand on Oct 26, 2018


I'm trying (deseperetly) to retrieve data correctly from a list lookup in Nintex Form. I managed to get the data but as they are from a lookup column with multiple choices, all the data are in the same field separated by a semicolon and appear in one line in my drop down list :


In my form, I have three "List lookup" items .


The first one retrieve list of date availabilities from the list "Disponibilités"  :


The second "List lookup"


The third "List lookup"



My lists:



Column nameTypeLink (List - column)
PrestataireLookup - single choiceMasseur - Nom



Column nameTypeLink (List - column)
Type de prestationsLookup  - multiple choiceMassages - Massage



Column nameTypeLink (List - column)



My lists content:

Lists content



This is what I get vs what I want:

What I get VS what I want


Is there a way to accomplish this?


Thanks in advance!