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All workflows stuck at 'Starting' for specific content database mapping

Question asked by ahaaften on Oct 25, 2018

Since this morning all our workflows in a few specific site collections got stuck on "Starting".


We have about 20 "SharePoint Content databases" and they are mapped to 4 different "Workflow Content databases". All workflows which are within sites hosted within 1 specific "Workflow Content database" are no longer starting since this morning. 

We're tried:

  • Restarting the Workflow timer services
  • Restarting the SharePoint timer services
  • Restarting IIS
  • Purging excessive amounts of history data from both the NintexWorkflowHistory list and the database


For about an hour this afternoon the workflow started running, but now they are back in the "Starting" state while noting happend to the environment. 


Any ideas are very welcome.



Thank you.

Andre van Haaften