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how to associate a nintex workflow to a pre-built custome list, automatically on list creation?

Question asked by amiri.b on Oct 24, 2018

to all Nintex geniuses; I need help!
to address a specific need in my organization, I have created a custom list, and added a nintex workflow to that. then I created a template from the list, and now users are able to deploy as many as they want from that list into their sites, and that's fine! but I have noticed that the workflow of the source list is not copied with the list template. I don't know how to automate the process of workflow association for the newly created lists from that template.
the fact that user is able to "create a workflow with nintex" and then "import" the workflow from exported file and publish, is not an option since we have users that cannot do such things. I am looking for some way to add this wokflow to each custom-list-template named "xxxx" on deployment time or near, automatically, or at least let the user select or add the workflow to the list manually (but not with the import method of course).

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