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Flexi Task Notification Rich Text Field Hyperlink Formatting Bug

Question asked by tiwookie on Oct 24, 2018



I'm currently facing a problem regarding formatted hyperlinks in Flexi Task notifications. After I created a Flexi Task, I start with the Task notification. Here I need a Link to the web version of the current Item and its name as the Name of the Hyperlink.


Flexi Task - Insert Reference

Therefore I enter {Common:ItemUrl}?web=1 into the "Address" line and {ItemProperty:FileLeafRef} into the "Hyperlink text to display" field.


Flexi Task - Reference entered

Looking good so far. I save it. I trigger the workflow and I get the following Mail.


Flexi Task - Mail Text

Perfect. Now I (for example) forgot a word, a formatting, want to review it, want to add sth. or sth. else. I open the Flexi Task.


Flexi Task - Reopen

Here we can see the "{ItemProperty:FileLeafRef}" switched already into "name". First I thought it was just a wysiwyg feature. But when I change nothing and save it just after opened it, the following happens when I trigger the workflow again.


Flexi Task - Mail 2


So, to come to my question: What happened here? Is this a (known) bug? With 20 Flexi Tasks in my current Workflow, all with reminder enabled, it's a pain to do text changes, because every time I open a flexi task, a have to reset this hyperlink again to make sure it works again.


Anyone also have this issue or have an idea resolving this? I already posted a question in this forum regarding options to create mail templates, so that I only have to change only 8 of them for text corrections. But also there hyperlinks are an issue.


Hope I've described it correctly. Thanks for any thought!

Kind regards