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Check In an item using a workflow

Question asked by joshlanl on Oct 23, 2018
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I want to use a Nintex workflow to check in a document automatically based on a field written from an Infopath form. When I try to trigger the workflow, though, I get an error message saying that workflows can not be run on a document that is checked out. However, in Nintext workflows, there is a "Check in" option available under "Lists and Libraries" so it looks like the "check in" should work.


Here's a bit more back story:


I have a very complex Infopath form. I want to keep more than one person from opening it at a time because SharePoint allows multiple people to access it at the same time if they're opening it in a browser. Data is getting lost when the form is saved if two people have it open at the same time. To try to stop this from happening, I created a workflow that automatically checks out the form when it is modified. That works great. However, I created a field that changes when the form is saved and closed in order to trigger a "Check in item" workflow so that the form would then be available to the next person.


When I try to trigger the "Check in item" workflow, I get a message that says that workflows can not be run on items that are checked out. 


I'm clearly missing something, because the option to use "Check in item" is in the menu, but I can't find any reference to how to make it work in the forums or in the documentation.


Can anyone help?


Many thanks!