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How to use an IF condition in a lookup formula in a Calculated value field

Question asked by gwpeters on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by gwpeters

I have a products list with sale and return values. I have a form that is pulling the sale price into a calculated value field with the following formula. 

lookup("Uniform Store Inventory", "ID", Product, "Sale Value")

What I want to do is use the same for for sales and returns. I added a column called transaction type and made it a choice of either Sale or Return. I still need to use the lookup to pull in the items but I want to sue the IF to determine if is should pull the sale price or return price for each item. 


I am trying to use the formula below but it does not work, and I am not sure what i need to correct. 


lookup("Uniform Store Inventory", "ID", Product, IF([Transaction Type]="Sale", ("Sale Value"), IF([Transaction Type]="Return", ("Return Value" ))))