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Set value depending on other column in new form

Question asked by vaanmo on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by vaanmo

Hi together,


I'm coming with a quite simple question - I guess - but I somehow can't find the best/easiest way to achieve that.


I have a form with a dropdown column 'column1' which has a few choices. In my case it's about the amount of memory (8GB, 12GB, 24GB, .... 128GB). Now I have another column 'column2' where I want to set a value, already in the new form, depending on the choice of column1. E.g. if column1 equals 8GB or 12GB than set column2 to value 'AAA'. If column2 equals 24GB or 36GB than set value column2 to 'BBB' and so on.


I tried to do it with an additional list and lookup fields and with calculated fields without success. I guess there must be a quite simple solution vor that, but i can't see it


Thanks in advance for any help.