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How to populate list fields from a calculated value?

Question asked by betho24 on Oct 23, 2018
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So, I have been working on this, however I cannot seem to find an answer that does not involve very complicated operations using JS, XML, etc.


I have two very simple lists in my SharePoint site, one is LEASES and the second is STATUSES. The first list just contains the overall list of leases in the company while the second list just hold the different status that a place can have at a given time. The Nintex form is running on the LEASES list.


Like I said it is very simple, I have one field which is the lease_id, I am bringing the status from the second list so it is only a lookup field and the third is a comment field which is brought in from the document site content type.

In my form I have three controls that relate to these fields, and when the user creates or edits a lease, the lease_id must already exist in the list to ir to work, this is because I don't want the users to be creating leases that don't actually exist in the company. This is achieved with a calculated value that looks for the input lease_id, if it is found then it should return the values for the status and the comments. If it is not found then an error message is displayed.


I am able to bring all these data by using calculated values, however that's not really useful because what I want is being able to edit those values but I really don't know how to accomplish this. The calculated values don't let me link them to the correct controls, I'm assuming because the lookup comes from another list and the same for the comments.

Perhaps the following picture will better illustrate my question.



I hope you guys can give me a hand with this one.

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