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Nintex “Server name not specified” when I Run NWAdmin tool to detach database

Question asked by sarahjohn on Oct 23, 2018

I am trying to migrate a Sharepoint 2007 Nintex workflow to Sharepoint 2010 Nintex environment. I used the method mentioned in the Nintex Site . I have a trial version installed in the 2007 environment. Nintex clearly says that we need to use the NWAdmin.exe tool to detach the DB.

But unfortunately when I use NWAdmin.exe command it prompts with "Server name not specified" Error. This is awkward as I tried in every possible way. Can anyone help me to resolve this.

E.g.: NWAdmin.exe –o Detach Database –serverName Myserver -databaseName NW2007DB

This prompts the "Server name not specified" error.