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What are the best task action(s) to use in this scenario?

Question asked by hayleea0601 on Oct 20, 2018

Hi Nintex Community,


I am fairly new to Nintex and trying to come up with the best workflow solution to a specific scenario. I've researched for the past 3 days but haven't been able to find anything that really speaks to what I'm trying to achieve. I've also had a lot of trial and error that hasn't really gotten me anywhere. If you happen to know any blogs, community questions, etc. that would help or have an idea about a solution please send them my way!



I am working in SharePoint 2013  on prem and Nintex 2013. I have a group of about 60 probation officers and a coaching group of about 10 coaches. Each probation officer is assigned a specific coach from the coaching group. Each probation officer is required to upload an audio tape attachment by a specific due date. Once the tape has been submitted, the probation officer's coach is required to review the tape (via a form) within 10 business days of the tape's submission date. Once the review is complete, the probation officer and the coach will review the form together.

Each probation officer will eventually upload a total of 6 tapes, each with a different topic and a different due date.


What I need to accomplish:

I've been asked to do a few things with this scenario:


1. Initially inform each individual probation officer of a tape due date.

2. Send reminder email notification of an upcoming due date.

3. Send reminder email notification that the tape is past the due date. 

4. Inform the probation officer's coach when they have submitted their tape and give the coach the review due date (10 business days from tape submission date).

5. Send notification to coach when review due date is approaching.

6. Send notification to coach when review due date is past due.


In addition to sending notifications, I need to track the date the probation officer uploaded the tape and if the tape was uploaded past the due date, the number of days that it was late. Next, I need to track the due date for the coach's review and if the review was completed past the due date, the number of days that it was late. Lastly, I need to record the information from the coach's review form (which is multiple pages).


What I've tried:

Based on my requirement of needing to send notifications and reminders, it seems that Nintex task actions are my best bet. However, I've run into a few issues that I haven't been able to solve.


Request Review Action: After reading through Nicole Prestby's task comparisons post, I initially tried the Request Review action (so I could edit the task form) to create tasks for each individual probation officer. My Request Review task action doesn't have the option to create your own content type so while individual tasks were created, the due date and tape topic were not being passed to the created individual tasks. 


Assign To Do Task: Then I tried the Assign To Do Task. I can create individual tasks and I created a new content type so the due date and tape topic are being passed to the individual tasks. But I cannot figure out how record the date the tape was submitted (date task completed) in a column. Since I can't figure out how to record the submission date, I'm unable to record how many days late (Days Outstanding) the tape was either. I tried to add an Update Item action (for current item) after the Assign To Do action, but this only updated the original task the workflow began on, not the individual task that was created from the workflow. I tried the Update Item action to update the individually created task item, but couldn't figure out how to successfully filter to the correct item. 


Assign To Do Task Configuration

Screen shot of the original task the workflow runs on.

Initial task workflow runs on


Screen shot of the individual task that is created when the workflow is run:

Individual tasks


It is also my understanding that a workflow will not continue unless all the Assign To Do tasks are completed. Is this true? If this is the case, then how would I get a workflow to notify a coach that a tape was submitted without all the other tapes being submitted as well? Another option is to create another workflow on the individual tasks to notify the coach but I've read this can lead to issues with tasks locking


Assign Flexi Task: I haven't tried this action because my situation isn't really dependent on approve or reject. 

Request Data: Since Request Data only allow for a response from the first person, it doesn't fit my scenario.

State Machine: I've read about the state machine and it's purpose, but I honestly can't tell if my scenario is suited to this action or not. 


So here I am.   Sorry for the incredibly long post but if anyone has any ideas on the best solution to this scenario, I would be forever grateful! 


Thank you!