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Migrating Attachments from Infopath Form to Document Library

Question asked by ssmith-bbt on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by ssmith-bbt

SharePoint/Nintex Environment: O365

Library Type: Forms Library

Form Template Type: InfoPath 2013


I am looking to migrate attachments that are being stored in my InfoPath form that is sitting on a SharePoint O365 Forms Library.


I have seen this question asked over and over and I don't think I have found a straightforward answer.


I have a rather complex form that collects attachments (among other data that is unrelated to this question). We have 'recently' hit the issue of attachment size limits (5MB). My current work around is to have the end user upload the document to a document library in the same site and then copy/paste the link in the form (These attachments are being collected via a repeating table).


The request from my client is to remove the end user responsibility of uploading/copying/pasting the document information and instead make the workflow (or form, whichever) do it for them. I don't find this a strange ask, but I have encountered some issues.


  • This process cannot change from a Forms Library to List because of the nature of the process and the complexity of the form.
  • There are not a set number of attachments that will be attached to any given form, so I cannot lock down/restrict the number of attachments allowed (to hard code into the workflow).
  • I have been able to create a folder in the destination document library and I can isolate some information which appears to be directly related to the attachment(s) in the form, but its just letters & numbers.
  • The client does not current have/utilize Azure


Is there a way to make a Nintex O365 workflow do this or possibly a way to embed a control in my InfoPath form that connects directly to the library?


At this point I have the can of gasoline and a handful of matches on deck. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!