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How do I create a central rich text mail template for several flexi-tasks?

Question asked by tiwookie on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by tiwookie

Hey Community!


I'm currently working on a big workflow with loops and many flexi-tasks. In the current test phase it is often necessary to change the texts of the mail notifications, which is a lot of work. Sometimes only one word changed and I have to change it in 10 flexi tasks. I'm searching for an easy way to create a mail-template where I can store the main part of the mail with nintex references, rich text formatting and so on and kind of link it into the flexi task mail window.

I looked into variables, but couldn't figure out how to store rich text formatting or nintex references in it, only plain text. What am I missing? Or do you have other hints for me? Any hint is highly appreciated!


With kind regards!