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Change Task Link URL

Question asked by tapologo on Oct 16, 2018

We recently ran the following command and it messed up our Task URLs


NWAdmin.exe -o AddZoneSetting -type Global  -zone Default 


Initially our task URLs were of this format > but after running this command they changed to > http://vwp-mshare01/WorkflowTasks/EditForm.aspx?ID=65197

This is causing issues because our users do not have access to http://vwp-mshare01 .


Below is our configurations



Alternate Access Mappings

Web Application

PS: Ignore the silly name (not in use)

Site Collections


Initially all task link URLs used the host-named site collection as the root ( but now they they use the root site collection URL (http://vwp-mshare01) which users do not have access to. Is there a way to revert this change?