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How to format TEXT in Nintex Workflow when setting a value?

Question asked by terencepalmer on Oct 15, 2018



In a normal SharePoint Issues App you can create a new column as a Calculated (calculation based on other columns)  Type called say "External Reference". You can use the formula section to format the result eg: if your Issue ID is 17 then the formula  "LCS"&TEXT(ID,"0000") will format the Single line of Text to LCS0017 and update the "External Reference". The trouble is that this does not work when the issue is created as the ID does not exist yet so the "External Reference" is not updated


I have used a nintex workflow to using the Set Field value to up the "External Reference" after the issue is created but if I use the same formula "LCS"&TEXT(ID,"0000") my "External Reference" is updated to "LCS"&TEXT(17,"0000")


I would really live to update my  "External Reference" after the issue is created so that it looks like LCS0017.


Any help or guidance would be appreciated.