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Set meta data on file upload

Question asked by aston.cory on Oct 12, 2018

Hello - I'm brand new to Nintex and have been searching / googling with no luck to solve my problem.  But I'm pretty confident that Nintex must have a solution for it.


I have a sharepoint document library which will eventually contain around 10,000 documents.  Those documents as they are uploaded in groups of 10 or 20 - will need to have meta data assigned to the group - things like Business Area, Criticality, etc.


I would like to have a way to set the meta data the same for every document uploaded in a batch.  Basically saving the users from having to manually (and likely erroneously) update each documents meta data.


I can have my users upload only "like" documents so they can pick the meta data that applies.


Is there a combination of forms and workflows that will allow me to accomplish this?