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Query List - People column

Question asked by shrinivasnaik on Oct 12, 2018
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This was supposedly very simple task but for some reason I am not getting my head around it, not sure if its an issue with Nintex or we need to approach this some other way.


My list has a user column and data is populated in the list. All i want to do is use the "Query List" Action and search for all records that have matching user populated in the column. But for some reason what ever query value I give it doesnt seem to select any records. 



Where ADM owner is the user column in the SharePoint list and ownertxt is a single text variable. tried populating it with multiple different options.


I have tried most of the options below but wasn't able to query any record.


Can some one let me know how do you query a user column (as your filter) in Query list action.


Note - I am not interested in using the CAML editior as I will have manually change the list ID in different environments.