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Multiple Workflow instances being triggered at same time

Question asked by cwentzel on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by cwentzel

I have a simple workflow, which is initiated on item being modified.  The workflow is a Run If to see if the status of the item is Complete.  If it is, it sends out an email to the Creator of the item letting them know it has been completed.  When items are being modified this workflow is running 2 instances at the same time, or even 3 instances at the same.  I decided to recreate the workflow from scratch, thinking the first one was corrupt in some way.  The new workflow is doing the same thing.  One thing to note, if the previous workflow was initiated 2 on modified, the new workflow is initiating twice.  If the previous workflow was initiating 3 times, the new workflow is initiating 3 times.


What is causing this?!  Again, there are actually multiple instances of this workflow being initiated at the same exact time (workflow history screen).


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!