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Help with a Query List: not resolving the text field

Question asked by bimi82 on Oct 10, 2018
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I am using a Query action to lookup at the Project List :



- ProjectManager  (is set to People or Group)

- FreightChargeValue (is set to Single Line text because numbers or names are stored in it)


Based on the above, it should pull up some info and store them in variables.
However, the Query fails at that point where it tries to compare ...



Furthermore, when running in the CALM query as a test and manually type in my Surname, Name then the query is able to lookup at the Project List and pull up the relevant information associated to the column name ProjectManager.




Now, question is; why does it not work with the FreightChargeValue ?

Is it because its attribute is set to SingleLine as Text and not as a People or Group ?


How would I fix this in the workflow then?

I also tried using SET VARIABLE action to say set ProjectManager as FreightChargeValue but no help