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"Appointment" booking using Nintex 2016

Question asked by rjeadie on Oct 10, 2018

Hi all,


I'm looking to create a 'fixed' appointment booking tool using Nintex forms and workflows 2016.

The scenario is: we have 4 staff members who can each attend up to 4 appointments a day, mon-fri.

The vision we have for the form is that it will have a list of the staff members and when one is selected and a date is selected, a list of available appointments for the specified date will be presented. when an appointment is booked, that appointment time would be removed from that date and the form so that no other user can select and double book.

Currently, what I'm stumped on how to achieve that check before the form is submitted, the rest of the form and its related workflow should be super simple*, because the simpler the better...


Any advice or assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.





*Things are always simple and perfect in our minds, but on paper... not so much