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Why would a workflow, following a Pause for 1 minute action near the end, jump back to the an already completed action set near the beginnening of the workflow?

Question asked by jpmhuls on Oct 16, 2018

Recently, following an upgrade from SP2013 to SP2016 (and also Nintex) on-premise, I noticed that a workflow on executing a Pause for nearly at the end suddenly "jumps" back to an action set at near the start. The attached image shows parts of the workflow history. At the bottom you'll see the actions to create and populate a Project Members group, which seems to complete normally (no 'incomplete' actions) and it progresses down to another part where near the end, I have pause for 1 minute. This does not seem to complete and suddenly it starts creating groups again at the start of the workflow; Pause for action and Goup Creation action are yellow, while every other action in between is green. Also, when hovering over the failed Create Group action it shows a later time (18:11) compared to both the preceeding and succeeding actions/action sets (these show 17:05-ish).


Does anyone (from Nintex) have a clue what's going on here?


UPDATE: Initially removing the Pause seemed to have resolved the issue, however it now reoccurs again with no Pause actions in the workflow (except for the ones used in certain action like the Loop action). Current Nintex Workflow 2016 version: - English.