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Insert variable into web service call

Question asked by jesse.mchargue Champion on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by callum

Hello all - 


I am attempting to call some web services to automate the update of chat bots and have been successful, but am wondering if there is a better, more streamlined way to do it. I am unable to insert variables into the request body and have to split everything up. I have tried using the Build String action as well as a Dictionary, both come through as empty.


Build String Action:


Dictionary Action:

Result in wf:


For now I am doing something like this:

var_body1{"startData": {"se_title": "

var_body2 = ","se_answer": "

var_body3 = "}}


So then I insert all 5 variables...



This works, but why do I have to jump through this many variables just to construct the body of a web service call? Imagine if I needed to insert 5 variables? 10? You see where I am going with this....



Is there something that I am overlooking in my syntax or something more "Nintex" specific" that I have to incorporate?

I was able to do this in NWC (with no issues), but if I attempt to hit the NWC end-point that I created, I run into the same issues (as I need to pass variables in the start data).