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Can you use 'Create List' and 'Create Item' on the same workflow?

Question asked by hejones50 on Oct 6, 2018
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Hi All,


I have a SharePoint site for the Programme Management Office (PMO) and I create a document library for each project, within that document library there are several template documents for each one (project mandate, risk register, report template etc) all of which are there as content types. They all need to be there at the start of the project so I add them all in the libraries as soon as I've made it. I do this manually from the 'New' menu.


I'm looking to see if I can get a workflow to do this and understand I would be using 'Create List' for the document library and 'Create Item' for the documents. I've been able to do the former fine. But when it comes to configuring the 'Create Item' action the 'Create Item In' dropdown list only has all the current document libraries and not the one I've made earlier in the workflow.


I've done a previous workflow where I've wanted to create a folder and then a document within that folder and have had to be a bit creative with the 'build string' to get the link for it, but that option doesn't appear on 'Create Item'.


Any recommendations would be really appreciated!


Thanks in advance.