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How do I connect a multi-selection choice field to a choice column in SP

Question asked by peterbehler on Oct 8, 2018

I'm brand new to forms.  I created a beautiful list in SharePoint Online and it has wonderful columns. The team wants to have a submittal form for normal folks that only show a few fields so it's not difficult to add new records.  I clicked the magical Nintex Forms button and it gave me a clean responsive form.  I deleted the extra fields and tested it.  When I got to the field that allows for multiple selections, it was just a single selection drop down list. I know now that's the normal behavior.  Specially when the help screen says "Available when no field is selected for Connected to."


All of the other fields are connected to the SharePoint list columns.  I can't seem to find anyone else asking how to use this control to put a value in to a SharePoint list column when the choice control is not connected to anything.  What am I missing?  Help please.