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I need my workflow to iterate through a list and each week send emails

Question asked by casey on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by casey

I have been trying so many different options for this list. Each week I need Monday and Wednesday emails to be sent. I want to start this manually and let it run through the end of November. If I set today's date variable (vartoday using "Use date when action is executed") and have the Run if = varToday = Monday Reminder Date  (each Monday the workflow runs through the Loop. Or will varToday ONLY remain as the date the workflow is kicked-off? I was assuming earlier each day the workflow runs the varToday will represent that day's date, but now seeing "Use date when action is executed" that seems like maybe it will ONLY remain Monday, October 7, 2018. Next week will the value be October 14, 2018? If so, it should work fine, but if not I'll have to use For Each and a query list I think. 


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