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Import CSV content to a repeater

Question asked by shrinivasnaik on Sep 28, 2018
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I have a scenario where in the business wants to import a CSV file contents to a repeater control, i.e. when using Nintex forms they would add some details on the rest of the form and want to populate a repeater control with contents from a csv fil e(as they are in excess of 20) so they dont want to be manually typing them! and once imported they then submit the form.


I understand its a bit easier if I had Nintex workflows to do import CSV into a list, but in this case its Nintex forms that needs to have this feature. The attachment control in Nintex also does not have a JS variable value which could be probed further


Has anyone else have any ideas around this? This seems to be a handy feature when you want to bulk insert into a repeater control.





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