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How to hide a specific radio button by value using CSS

Question asked by cjones69 on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by reiva13

I need to hide the first radio button in a series of controls by the radio button's value. I could do it by javascript as well, if it is simpler, but I am not a developer.


The attached images show:

  1. The HTML of the first form control which contains the radio button to be hidden.
  2. The design view of the four sections that need the first radio button (Pending) to be hidden.


The "Pending" option had to be added to the choice column because for some reason, my Nintex workflow suddenly stopped allowing me to compare empty columns. Adding this value allowed me to compare columns with the value "Pending" in them instead of a null value and everything worked fine after that. However, the customer doesn't want to see "Pending" in the available choices, so I need to hide it.