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Lookup Control Not Saving To List

Question asked by bpat on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by bpat

I have List A that uses a lookup to List B Title to put the Title and ID of item from List B into two fields in List A. A content type is associated with List A. On Nintex form the lookups do not show as List columns, so we are trying to use a List Lookup control. But even though that pulls in the choices from List B no problem, I cannot get the value from that form control to save its value to List A. I have tried connecting it but that doesn't seem to work and the field on List A doesn't appear as a choice to connect to.


Everything works fine when the user fills in the list fields in quick edit mode, but I need the form to be able to do what they can do in quick edit mode.


I am not very savvy with Nintex forms at present. Any help/nudge would be appreciated.