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Repeater Section throw error - Unable to get property..of undefined or null reference

Question asked by lramos on Sep 26, 2018
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I'm facing a problem on my form. I'm getting an error with when I remove a row on my repeater section (RS).

I have a RS containing 3 fields :

  • 2 inputs named - input1, input2,
  • 1 calculated field named - calTotalRow

calTotalRow returns the product of input1 * input2.

Outside the rs I've got another calculated field (calSumRows) which return the sum of all row

At this level everything works.

Problem comes when I add a new row. The new row get over the border of RS and calSumRows not updating (see 1st picture).


row overbording


But if I remove a row then all return to "normal" (see 2nd picture). At the same time I get an error message telling me "Unable to get property "call" of undefined or null reference.


back to normal


Any idea


This problem remind me a similar case of Emily Spradlin. But the case seems to not be resolved.




Tech info :

Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2016