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How to loop collection variable with multiple items and separate them as each item in new list using Nintex workflow O365

Question asked by ballardnintex on Sep 25, 2018

I have a list A with multiple email ids in a field and number of Count and I would like to create new item in another list B with single email id and count from list A.


I used Query list items for email id field and stored multiple emails [";", ";, ";"] to a collection variable. I added a for each loop on this collection variable and did a Regular Expression >> Split with pattern ',' to first item which has few email ids and stored this in a different collection variable. Now I added another for each loop and did another Regular Expression with pattern ';' semicolon split and stored it in another collection variable. I thought I can now add this item into List B so I added create item action. It started adding items but the loop just doesn't end.


I am using SharePoint online O365. 

Can't figure out where I am going wrong. Any help would be appreciated. 

Please advise.