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Issues using 3 cascading dropdowns when lists cannot be pre-entered

Question asked by toms on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by toms

Hi all,

I'm having a few issues using 3 cascading dropdowns
I'm currently working on a project where people fill out a form for an objective that they want to complete and it would be great if i could use dropdowns to link objectives between eachother.

First dropdown would be the type of objective to link to (Company wide, team, or personal)

Second would show departments filtered by first dropdown 

Third would show the objective filtered by the first and second dropdowns.

I've had a look at Three-Tier Cascading Drop Downs: Do Go Chasing Waterfalls!  and it seems to work great when all list items are static and can be created at the beginning. Keeping the first and second dropdowns static is easy, however all objectives will be unique so i won't be able to create a list beforehand.

Ideally I'd be able to set up a workflow that can populate a list similar to the link above with each unique objective, but I haven't been able to populate the lookup columns using workflow. This is the error message "Coercion Failed: Unable to transform the input lookup data into the requested type." when trying to populate a lookup column in another list. I can avoid the error message by setting column as single line text but that doesn't fix the dropdowns.

Any ideas?