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Query List Limit - Runs but error

Question asked by davidjohnson5000 on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by davidjohnson5000

I schedule the same WF 3 times a night with a List Limit of 100 on a Query List.  There are 275 items in my list, thus the 3 iterations will loop thru 100, 100, and then 75 respectively for each iteration.


All 3 iterations of the WF run the desired tasks which is adding new records to the list, however every night we do get an "Error Status" under "My Running Workflows" for 2 of the iterations.  Again though all the desired tasks within the WF ran for all 3 iterations.


Interestingly the last iteration (the one under 100) never gets an error.  Do I get an error because I have set a list limit of 100 and my list is > 100 ?  How do I cancel the error ?