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Insert new item in LIST using Nintex FORM and Nintex WORKFLOW

Question asked by akovacsik on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by akovacsik

Hello everyone. I have a very simple question to ask, and I am struggling to make it work.


I have a simple Nintex form. The form contains a text field called "favorite_color", and a save button.


I also have a LIST, with a column called "color" which I would like to update via a workflow.


The idea is to capture the information typed in the "favorite_color" field of the form, and insert that value into the "color" field of the LIST.


I have created a WORKFLOW:



I then edit the property of this workflow action called "Create List Item"

I am targeting the list name ("Andrei List - Colors"), and also the field of that list called "color"


I have attempted various combinations in the "Title" and GUID and ID sections, but I cannot anything to work. I am not seeing the forest for the tree, and would appreciate any help with this. Would like the entered color in the FORM (when the "Save" button of the form is pressed) to enter a new record in the LIST ("Andrei List - Colors") with the text that was entered in the "favorite_color" of the FORM.

Appreciate it,