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Nintex Workflow - System Account cancel the workflow

Question asked by manju.mandava on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by shayla

Hi I am getting below errors from last 2 days before that my workflows were running OK without any issues 


We have schedules for few workflows on different share point sites... in which few workflows runs once a day in morning times and few workflows runs when new document added to list or library ...on condition basis...


we had windows security patch upgrade on weekend and from Monday onwards we are getting below errors when workflow schedulers are triggered ...and i don't see any further progress even if i trigger few of those workflows manually tooo...this issue occurs on both Dev and live environments ...



not sure if the issue is related to windows security upgrade or not ... but we are end up with no solution on it after restarting sharepoint & nintex Timer services also...


So can someone please help me to fix ?