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Sending email if a created item in first list doesn't exists in lookup field of second list

Question asked by garg010 on Sep 14, 2018

Hi Everyone,


This is my first time using Nintex. Please help me here as i dont know where to begin and how to start.


I have to make a workflow. I have two lists(list A and list B) in SharePoint online. In list A, i will add items. For example i have added an item and CT0001 is the title of that item in list A. In list B, the title of my list A is the lookup column. So i want to check and send email notification for condition ---

After creating a item in the list A(tile is CT0001), if there are no items corresponding to that in the list B after 14 days of the creation of that item then it should send an email notification.


Please guide me here everyone.